Some Historic Accomplishments in the History of this Sacred Bundle

Over a period of thirty plus years, Turtle Heart has worked with people, from all over the world.. The Four Directions Unity Bundle Sacred Pipes have a long history of simple accomplishments in helping other people seek balance, corrections and knowledgee. The great work has also effictively, in detail, shared the American Indian sacred experience with interested parties around the world: contrubuting a valuable insight in a shrinking field of knowledge to a shared human quest for knowledge.To this dinstinguished history, we offer this partial list of historic interest:.

Turtle Heart has always worked without payment for American Indians, always paying any expenses from his own pocket...from the sales of his sculpture and paintings. Non American Indians who have requested some experience and teachings on these subjects have been required to pay travel expenses. This is the only money ever accepted in the long history of this work.

1.Formal council and ceremony with Dalai Lama of Tibet. A special sacred pipe ceremony was shared with him in New Jersey. Later this included meetings with ranking religious leaders of the world, catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist, as well as more than forty inter-tribal meetings with American Indian elders. 1987

2. Japanese Kami ceremony. 4 Parts of a Japanese sacred sword buried on American Indian land, part of a multi-year, 108 pieces ceremony conducted by Japanese Shinto monks. Turtle Heart placed a sacred pipe and a sacred sword bundle on the original site of the first atomic explosion. Chronicled in several books, including The Sword of Heaven. In cooperation with Juan Li, assistant and instructor in the Healing Arts school of Kung Fu Master Montak Chia and Konron Tagami, Shinto Priest and Antiquities scholar, Japan.

3. Pipe to the Five Tribes of Connecticut. A Sacred Pipe was gifted to the
Five Tribes of Connecticut, blessed by many tribal elders. The first unified ceremony of the Five Tribes in over 300 years. Still in service and passed to the second generation of keepers. 1981-1982

4.Eagle Feather in an atomic submarine that circled the globe. A sacred Eagle Feather circled the earth submerged in a top secret US Navy atomic submarines. It was carried by one of the Pilots, who revealed the feather to the ship's Capatin when they crossed the Equator. It was passed around and supported by the entire crew..

5.More than 500 sweat lodge ceremonies, worldwide. Conducted free, without cost, all expenses paid by Turtle Heart through sales of his sculpture and paintings.

7. 30,000 plus sacred morning tobacco fire ceremonies condcuted freely around the world. Eight of these Sacred Fires aremain in use..

8.First officil reburial ceremony of American Indian remains in the world under NAGPRA.. The first official tribal reburial ceremony, of bones repatriated by a museum under the NAGPRA, to the Five Tribes of Connecticut was conducted by Turtle Heart. The ceremony took place on land donated by the state and included representatives of all Five Tribes, as well as the tribes of Massachusetts in the re-naming and reburial of five Tunxis American Indians.

9.First formally established prison program for American Indian inmates in prisons. This was negotiated with and agreed upon by the state of Connecticut. That program is still going with two full time and one part time employee. Turtle Heart established the first official understanding for prison officials defining the items, procedures and program required for inter tribal religious worship in Federal and State prisons. All existing programs in fifty states still follow this original model.

10. Four Years of free ceremonial teachings in New York City. Over 300 free ceremonial teachings in New York City, at 591 Broadway. Twice each week for four years. Paid for entirely by Turtle Heart and Kristin Peterson.

11. Publication in Italy of “Feather of the Eagle”, an important narrative about the history and survival of sacred ceremony of the American Indians.

12. Designed the US Government Federal Seal for a division of the American Indian Housing Council.

13. Archived in the Permamant Collections of the United States Museum of Computer History at the Smithsonian. 1997..Nominated at that time by the Founder and CEO of Adobe INC.

14. First published collection of digital art, created entirely on computers using graphics software, of American Indian art in the world. Published through Artville LLC (Native Spirit). 280 large digital paintings. Available now worldwide through pirate software sites.

15. Featured contributor to "24 Hours In Cyberspace" project, publishing the first American Indian www project ever, via MIT, from a remote village in the high Mojave Desert. This was, one of the first private web projects in the USA as confirmed by the Smithsonian.

16. Ceremony at Zuni Pueblo for the Ceremonial Runners. 1991, together with the assembled Tribal Council and the Kiva Sun Priest.

17, Pipe Ceremony at NYC Ground Zero December 11, 2001. Right there in the great hole in the Mother Earth. Attended by security guards, a United Staes Milirary colonel and paid for (travel) by a private citizen.

18. Ceremony for 38th Anniversary of United Nations at the UN, NYC.

19. Countless ceremonies for American Indians across America. Name ceremonies, Healing ceremonies, sweat lodge and pipe ceremonies. Conducted at no cost, paid for entirely by Turtle Heart from his own pocket.

Many of these activities are a matter of public record.

In 1995 Turtle Heart was archived in the Permamant Collection of the Smithsonian Computer History section. This was for the many unique contributions AICAP and Turtle Heart made over the years to helping American Indians embrace the internet. He was also honored for being the first American Indian artist to have an exhibition and sales of a collection of digital computer art, in the world.

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World Journey of the Four Directions Unity Bundle
Turtle Heart circa 1990
He is wearing an old growth cedar ceremonial mask, made with his own hands, called "The Old Man In Charge Of Dreams"