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Portfolio: Collected Works in Art 1975-2014

Portfolio. Collected art works of Turtle Heart 1975 to 2015.

Book: PDF and Paper Edition (Hardcover)

13 x 9 iches (paper) 240 pages .2015

1024 x 768 HD Highresolution (eVersion)


Natural Man Runs Downwind

€ 800 : Hardcover Printed Edition 

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Signed and numbered by the artist.


€ 30 : PDF download edition.

Blood Quantum, Tribal Enrollment and Plastic Indians



Who are the Indians? Why are American Indians victims of racism b hate groups that want them all to remain silent? Who are the so-called “pretenders”…and who really decides who is and who is not “an Indian”. This devisive and complicated issue affects all American Indians and fuels a new gneration of racist activists for whom no amount of blood will make a “real Indian”. This policy paper examines these issues and the policies of the federal government that sustains them.


€ 5 : Buy from the Author

Under the Drum, ceremonial poetry by Turtle Heart 1975-2014. Ojibwe.

Under the Drum

A Ceremonial Song Cycle 1984-2014

This beautiful book is now available in paperback with fine illustrations by the author.


€ 22 Paper Edition

€ 10 PDF  or ePub Download Edition


Paper Published Editions

(Soft Cover) 120 pages 

PDF / ePub Edition (Download)

Sacred Pipe :

The Original Instructions 

A solid and frank discussion on what the American Indian Sacred Pipe really is and what it is not. Written by a Keeper and Carrier of Sacred ceremonial Pipes for over 30 years.


€ 8,00 || PDF : 30 pages

Formatted by latops, tablets, iPds.

Roots of the Sacred Tree 

A detailed and comprehensive narrative on the sacred of the American Indian. Covering ceremonies, ceremonial objects, modern as well as ancient teachings from tribes and tribal communities all over the USA. There has never been a book written from iniside the ceremonies of American Indian life until now. A powerful, detailed, important work spanning 40 years of ceremonial life and experiences.


€ 15,00 || PDF : 650 pages

Formatted by latops, tablets, iPds.

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