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All Good Things Begin In My Heart.

“This work is my first painting. It was created sitting at a kitchen table in Rocky Hill, Connecticut around 1978. I was given my most encouragement by Commanche artist Doc Tate Nevequaya, from Oklahoma. I had visited him several times at his home. He was gracious and gave me a lot of encouragement and we had some great conversations about just what it takes to sit down and just start a painting. The key words he gave me was to “pick a medium and just stick to it…”, so that is what I did, chosing gouache watercolors, usually Windsor. I really love the brilliant colors and their thickness. So I purchased a pallette and some paper and got started. At the time I had been doing small stone carvings for four or five years. Stone carvings is dusty and creates a ot debris and clutter. At the time I was living in a very upscale home and it was just not possible to do this work at that house. My artistic urges would not relent, however, so at that time, to keep going, I started doing the paintings.”

                                 _Turtle Heart, 2014

Portfolio: Collected Works in Art 1975-2014

Book: PDF and Paper Edition (Hardcover)

13 x 9 iches (paper) 240 pages .2015

1024 x 768 HD Highresolution (eVersion)


Natural Man Runs Downwind

€ 800 : Hardcover Printed Edition


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Signed and numbered by the artist. 


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1975 to 2015. Turtle Heart has been painting for 35 years. Today the artist resides on and works from a tiny Mediterranean Island: Pantelleria. Just 25 miles from Africa, it is a quiet and magical land of gardens, magical wine and a slow pace.


As an artist, works by Turtle Heart are well represented in collections worldwide.

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