Organic home-made and fresh Mediterranean food. World class Italian wine. Lunch, diner and snacks provided.

Computer wi-fi - ethernet connection, HDSPA

Private stero CD player with large library of CDs

Automobile for exploring the island (you pay for the gas)

Private bedroom, private toilet with shower. Air conditioning. Private entrance

Space for painting, computer work, sketches or photography. Fully equipped art studio

Refrigerator. Acess to fully equipped kitchen. In room coffee or tea and snacks.

Thermal pools, natural sauna cave. swimming or diving in season, all within minutes

Liberal study-vacation schedule. Privacy and non-invasive.

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food, space, and accomodations.

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phone (Italy): +39-329-834-2157 (English only)...or, in Italiano, telefono Silvia Santi 338.313.3198

One to One Studies on the Island of Pantelleria
...The School Of Sacred Studies
Guided Meditations with tribal drum and rattle

Daily and Night-Way Ceremonies with the Sacred Fire

Teachings from the American Indian Earth for solutions to questions in daily life

Guided teachings in understanding and using dreams

Close encounters with nature

Fine spiritual, mystery life sculpture and paintings in every room of the School

Relaxed and informal atmosphere. No rigidity or fixed agenda (scripts).

Several sustained discussions of your Astrological birth chart as well as future trends. This includes a detailed study of your Moon Phase, a unique identifier and guide to subconscious, submerged patterns that can be corrected and or better utilized. Everyone finds this very productive

Purification, renewal and corection ceremonies, at times in participation with special invited guests

Visit Pantelleria in any season. It is easier to get here in the summer (July through September) by direct flights. Other times you must arrive to Trapani or Palermo and wait for a short island flight, or take the ferry boat. Pantelleria is a really great place to visit off-season...