Schedule of Fees

Yearly Subscription: Your chart.
$400 annually
12 monthly reports delivered by email. Unlimited questions and follow up.
Includes birth analysis and also details over the future, in 90 day increments.
Get a heads up every month for what lay ahead.

Audio (mp3) Readings:
$200.00 for a single reading via Audio.
2-3 hours.

Third Party Readings: Know Your Enemies, Protect Your Friends
Find out about other people, partners, enemies, workers, etc.
$175.00 for a single detailed report on any third person.

Children Profiles
Special profiles on children.
$100 each child, detailed single report.
Audio available at $200 single reading.

Special Health and Medical Report
$200 for a single, detailed report on health issues for one person.
The best use for this profile is with children or people you
Are taking care of. It is not easy to create a report on most
Serious disease, requiring an enormous amount of hours to study.
Under special circumstances such research is available. It would
be quite expensive. This is an area where much more cooperation
needs to exist between doctors and astrologers.

Psychological problems in behavior and understanding are
Quite effective

Do a detailed study on two or more charts, such as you and your partner, you and your boss,
You and your mother-in-law, for example.
$250.00 for each comparison, snynasty report, detailed single report.

Special Event Analysis
Find out what happened and why. Events in the past or future.
Divorce. Robbery. Financial collapse. Elections. Investments.
Any single and important event of your life or the life of anyone you are interested in.
Single issue readings are $200 in Audio mp3.