A “bundle” or “pack” is a group of songs, stories, dances, prayers, ceremonies large and small, teachings, ideas, tips, meditations and behaviors all wrapped up in a collection of objects associated with each of these actions. The objects are wrapped inside a covering-a skin, perhaps- in several layers. This wrapped collection of all of these things is what we call a bundle. The terms “pack” and “bundle” mean the same thing.
Such bundles contain very specific objects and instructions. All the many details are passed from keeper to keeper, clan to clan over the generations. This is an oral tradition backed up by the ceremonial objects in the pack.

This bundle was put togther by the River Otter Clan Elders. Teachers and ceremonial leaders from 38 tribal traditions have contributed to what is inside this bundle. Creating the bundle took nearly 25 years and required driving all across the country numerous times to meet with and work out the details with the people involved.

Only once in a generation is it possible to create such an agreement and put all the details and objects together. The objects range in age to thousands of years old to the present day. This is a carefully planned gift to the Seven generations by those who have gone before us.

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