Sacred Otter Pack
has been
more or less.....

(posted 01/2006)

.....a previous ground zero....white sands, new mexico. The very place on the earth where the first atomic explosion took place. The bridge over which the us military’s top seceret submarines pass through Pudget Sound, Washington, ....secretly concealed within a us military nuclear submarine which circled the globe, by a crewman....18 federal and state prisons....the kiva of the butterfly at Hootvilla, Arizona (Hopi)...the sacred house of the fish clan of taos pueblo....the sacred space of San Francisco at Asissi Italy....the tribal councils of santa domingo, zuni, hopi and santa clara pueblos, the holliwa-saponi, skokomish, salish, neah bay, wampanoug, pauguesett, micmac, pequot,naragansett, apache (oklahoma), mescalero (oklahoma), saquamish, shoshoni, ute, ahnishinabeg, cherokee....8 cities of Italy, New York City Ground Zero (December 27, 2001), Los Alamos, Hartford, Seattle, Pipestone Monument, Saint Paul, Durham, Newport, Chicago, Window Rock, Yale, Duke, United Nations, Chimayo, Buffalo....Black Hills...Jim Thorpe Memorial Run, Zuni Runners, Broadway and Houston, John Phillip Deer, the Man Who Killed the Deer, Walking Eagle, Big Eagle, HB Surles, David Mongway, Gray Antelope, Ralph Suazo, Frank Track, Old Coyote, Sun Clan Priest, Alex at Zuni, Slow Turtle, Standing Eagle at Pipestone, Myron Taylor, Helps His People, Dawahovi, Kootswatewa, Geigheshkitonimok, Dali Lama, Half Moon Face Bear, Iron Eyes, Apple Computer, Viewsonic, John Antypas, Aseema, Tress, Sean Young, Andrea Lord, Antonio Prina, Don Peterson, Red Horse, Ralph Suazo, Ralph Lee, Ralph Verde, Leon Sheanandoa, Chaco Canyon, Pedro Meyer, Elka....Chaske, Four Corners, Lummi, Scaticook, Eskimo, Ankorage...Bear Lake, Tagami, Doc Tate, the Hamma Hamma, Hood Canal, Mediterranean Sea, Hartford, Washington DC, Ragusa, the breath of 38 elders, the touch of 44 children and 108 women, the lives of 3 sacred birds, 11 cats, 2 dogs, 28 eagles, 6 otters, corn, tobacco, cornmeal, flowers, lizards, sacred jewel, rita and myra, Dhani, and her dad, the beech nut group in hartford including patricia, Connecticut College at New London, UCLA at Long Island, U of Michigan, Duke, MIT, Harvard, random circles in random places, 4 kivas, 4 sacred arrows, 9 sacred potteries, 13 sacred pipes, 18 visiting pipes, 6 water drums, 2 skin drums, 2 pairs of tibetian bells and 2 thunderbolts, 3 sacred rivers, 12 customs officers, 3 sacred trees, 8 black potteries, Juan Li and Lop Sang, Chester Mahooty, XAT, Temple of Saint John the Divine, specific circles at specific places and times...100 equinox and solstice ceremonies, 7,000 ceremonial fires, Bonnie Rait, Viewonic Corporation, Apple Corporation, Moon Dreaming Thunder, Winterstone, 14 dream ceremonies worldwide to date, 3 international sacred fires, Juan Li and Tagami..............................Pantelleria in Sicily, Paripiago near Milano, the mountains near Torreno, Italy. Giovani and Illario, Silvia. CornWoman, Sonia, the Hippie. The grapes...and the Golden Gate in San Francisco.