Sacred Pipe

A world Journey

What is the Journey?

Imagine you were raised and lived your life in a beautiful village deep in an ancient forest. There were many other villages like yours. Some were in other places inside the ancient forest. Other villages were far away, spread all over the entire Mother earth in a great circle of life and community.

As you were growing up you learned of the wisdom and of the great teachings of your community. You learned that there was a sacred object, a special object with many teachings. This object is called the sacred pipe. It contains many great stories and many sensitive and beautiful ceremonies. As you grow in the life of your village you have learned many things about the sacred ideas which keep your community in balance and make everone’s life very interesting.

Imagine one day the leaders and sacred teachers ask you to take the sacred pipe and carry it to other villages around the earth. They ask you to respect and support all other religions and cultures. They tell you the original people of the village are being dispursed around the earth. They tell you one day the original teachings of the sacred pipe may be lost to humanity. Telling you these many things, they ask you to take the sacred pipe around the earth and share it with other people and other cultures.