Sacred Pipe

A world Journey

A sacred person came before the people bearing the sacred pipe wrapped in the sage leaves. This being showed the people how to smoke with the pipe and in doing so seal brotherhood and sisterhood among the many bands and tribes. They were shown how the smoke could carry their thoughts to the Creator just as the small morning fire does.

The being showed them how to carve the pipe from the sacred Opwa-gunashin, the pipe stone. With the coming of the pipe, honor returned again to the people. The sacredness of a person’s word was once again foremost. The great Eagle agreed to look each day on the earth for signs of those people who would smoke in this sacred manner. The work of Eagle is to report to the Creator that this work of understanding the heart of the earth is done each day.

Long ago, before the pipe made our prayers and thoughts in this visible manner, the Creator thought to destroy life on earth. There was too much conflict and selfishness in the world. The coming of the pipe to the people has created a visible and powerful way to speak to the Creator, to all Creation, breathing with the soul of the earth itself. In taking up these sacred pipes we walk in peace and beauty. Showing humility we combine our breath with the silence of the mystery life and discover our relationship to everything before us. In this way we preserve the balance of life.”
(Eddie Benton Banai, Ahnishinabeg)