Sacred Pipe

A world Journey

In the history of North American Tribal People ceremonial and ritual journeys were very common. This ceremony will expand to encircle the entire world. Turtle Heart, an Ahnishinabe man, has been asked to do this; to travel around the earth and do this ceremony; leaving behind a sacred fire and a ceremonial stone of peace and knowledge.

Those particular tribal elders have said “take this sacred pipe and the songs, stories, prayers, dances and ceremonies which are contained within it into the homes and lands of the people of the world. Tell them you are moving this ceremony around the earth in a sacred circle. Tell them we Indian People have changed our response. Tell them these gatherings around this sacred teaching will do real things, right now, where we are all standing inside our lives; real things which both go out from our hearts and souls as Indian People, and come back to our hearts and souls as Citizens of the World.”(Strong Dog)

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A careful multimedia record is being made of this project.

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