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I have been a student, teacher, writer and practioner of Astrology since I was very young, since 1965.

I can help you solve problems, understand opportunities, recognize your wekness and strengths. I am an advisor, a counciler. I am interested in your growth, in your success with Life.

I am good at this work. I have many rich life experiences which can help me understand your life. I have worked in construction as an electrician, as a tax asessor, as an emergency medical technician, as a combat military veteran. I have worked professionally in forensic psychiatry, emergency medicine, trauma surgery and other medical specialities. I am an artist in sculpture and paintings. I am presently married, in my third marriage. I have been around. A lot.

I Can Help You

I have decades long experience with ceremonial and cultural rituals of the American Indian, having traveled and studied with tribal elders all across the United States. I bring my tribal experiences to my professional work in Astrology.

I am well informed and experienced. Life and Astrology are not abstract for me. I work from inside my own life.

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Monthly emails that detail any ongoing issues we have developed and a look ahead at the dangers and possibilities in the immediate future.

Investigate Anyone

We can look at the Astrology of your family, of your business partners, even of your enemies or people who make your life difficult.

We can do special readings on groups, such as brothers and sisters, members of a sports team, the people who want you to make an investment.....

Astrology is an absolutely amazing tool for finding out about other people around you...if they can be trusted, if they tell you the truth. or on the other side, learn how to overcome obstacles in any relationship by understanding the other person better and in detail..

....your Astrology
....your children and or your partner and in-laws
....your boss, partners, employees, enemies from your past, from anyone's past

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