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Roots of the Sacred Tree

Turtle Heart. Ojibwe Artist

This important book discusses and describes the sacred of the American Indian in plain and direct language. Speaking "for the record" the author describes the nature and meaning behind American Indian ceremonies and sacred objects.

This book is about the sacred in its original form and seekes to inform the reader about what is real, possible and available in understanding American Indian people and their rituals.

It is one of the few books on the subject ever written by a keeper and practioner of sacred ceremonies. The author has been deeply involved in the ritual teachings of the American Indian for more than 30 years. It is a view from the inside.

A book to be studied and read many times. Anyone interested in these subjects will find real information and clarity in this work.

PDF Version ||

800 pages. The raw, original manuscript in the authors own words, unedited. Includes many details and chapters not available in the ereader versions. Also includes full page HD images of the paintings and illustrations of the sacred by the author. Great for the iPad, Laptop or desktop.

$ 11.99

ePub version ||

abridged. Poetry and text only.

This edited version is the perfect companion and study guide for iPhone, Android and other readers that support the ePub format.

$ 5.99

MOBI version ||

For Kindle and other mobi-supported readers.

The same version as the ePub (above)

$ 5.99

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INDEX of the 2 versions ||

Roots of the Sacred Tree
ePub Contents

O-Say-Go || Welcome
Introduction ||
Enigokwagaki || The Waiting World
Mystery Life || Giomoodiziwin’an Gichitwaa
Waubum-Aubeeyauk || The Order and Method
Alignment || Ishpaabikaa-Neyaashing
Biographical Sketch ||
Ceremony || Manidookewin
Chaco Canyon || Kitsim n’Gete
The Dreaming || Inaaban-dam
American Indian Drum || Mistikwaskik
Eagle Feather || Migisi-Miigwan’an
The Old Indians || Mishomis
The Book of the Moon || Dibik(I)-Giizis(o
Ishkode Mooka’am || The Morning Fire
Kabessema-gad || The Arrival
Rattle || Nin Jinawiwiwebinan
Sacred Woman | | Ikwigia - Nin Widjogindim
Asinii-opwaagan-ag || The Sacred Pipe
acred Water || Gib-waka-Migishka
The Shaman || Anishinaabekaazo
Nagamowin Gashki’ewizi || Singing Up the E
Madoodiswan || Sweat Lodge
Sagwan-dagawi-nini || The Sacred Trees
Tribal Religion || Wikan-ne Mide-yo
Aabita-miikana ||
About the World Journey of the Four Direction

Roots of the Sacred Tree
PDF unabridged edition

the waiting world
mystery life
order and method
the body
chaco canyon
eagle feather
the old indians
american indian names
blood quantum
changing woman
morning fire
mystery life objects
old man in charge of dreams
rule of silence
sacred woman
sacred pipe
sacred water
shape shifting
sickness and healing
singing up the earth
spirit offering
standing stone people
stolen sacred objects
sweat lodge
sacred tree
tribal religion
trick answers
walking softly
white buffalo calf woman
dream of the future
what i never said
about the world journey
end plate