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Turtle Heart is an Ojibwe
American Indian Artist
Living and Making Art in Italy ||

His work is in collections all over the world. In 1997 his work with digital computer art was archived in the Permanant Collection at the Smithsonian Museum of Computer History...nominated in fact by the (then) CEO of Adobe, Inc.

Turtle Heart's work focuses artistic attention on the ceremony, rituals, and teachings of the American Indian, of the American Earth.

Presently the artist resides in Italy, the tiny island of Pantelleria in the Mediterranean Sea.

Turtle Heart is a Ceremonial Wabeeno, a Keeper of Sacred Objects. He is presently traveling the world as the Keeper of the Four Directions Unity Bundle, a Sacred Pipe. Tribal Elders have asked Turtle Heart to carry this Sacred Pipe in a circle around the world.

Art purchases from this Gallery help fund this unique and important American Indian World Ceremony.


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FOB: Trapani, Sicily, Italy. All shipments are made from Pantelleria Italy.

Allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipment to arrive.
Pantelleria, Italy || The Mediterranean Sea
Readings In Astrology
Turtle Heart has been studying Astrology since 1965. Private readings open now.

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