An English Language History of Pantelleria:

Tanit, a diety of the Island

When I first encountered the images of Tanit, it was during my first visit here on Pantelleria in August of 2004.

The symbolism is very simple; yet this fact really speaks to its antiquity. I was also left with the impression that it was a statement in alchemical language rather than a pure representation of a diety.

I have since learned that there is in fact very little information on this diety in the English or Italian languages. It remains to be discovered what records exist in Arabic languages. Arabic culture is very ancient in this region and I am sure that there is some hope in the future for more details on this figure to come from that language.

This little web space is offered as a collection point for what we know and what we can discover about Tanit.Here you will find what few images we have been able to collect and some documentation on comments of the Tanit symbolism by other writers.

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