Pantelleria: An English Language Resource

Pantelleria is a unique island culture in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a long and diverse history but not much of this information is available in the English language.

This web space serves as a collection point for information on this island in English.

Tanit, a Diety of Pantelleria

Passito, the unique wine of Pantelleria

Archaeology of Pantelleria

The Plants and Animals of Pantelleria.

Roof Restoration of an old Damussi on Pantelleria (Flash Slide Show)

Food : Eating in Pantelleria

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Official Seal of Pantelleria
Official Seal of Pantlleria
Born on Pantelleria
Born on Pantelleria
Born on Pantelleria
Born on Pantelleria
Above: Pantelleria natives.
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Pantelleria Sildes (Flash)

American Indian Computer Art Project
World Journey of the Four Directions Unity Bundle home of Operations is Pantelleria
Home to Armani, a treasured retreat of the rich and powerful of Italy, ancestral home to a unique people, a garden paradise called The Daughter of the Wind, and residence of one American Indian...